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Out of Zion with Susan Michael

Jun 2, 2023

We serve a God who loves to bless His people. The Bible is full of examples of this going all the way back to Abraham. God so wanted His people blessed that he instructed the High Priest Aaron how to pronounce blessing over them. Known as the Aaronic or Priestly Blessing, these verses are some of the most popular in...

May 26, 2023

The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot in Hebrew) occurs exactly 50 days after the first Sabbath after Passover and is largely associated with the wheat harvest. However, there is a strong rabbinic tradition that this holiday also commemorates the giving of the law which occurred 50 days after the exodus from Egypt.  Why did the...

Apr 28, 2023

If we don’t understand Leviticus and this week’s reading about the Day of Atonement and the sanctity of blood, we will never understand what Jesus came to do and what He accomplished through His death. The need for atonement is everlasting, but we can be thankful that Jesus paid the price with His blood—once and...

Apr 4, 2023

This week is the Feast of Passover and the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. These two feasts may overlap in their commemoration of the Exodus, but there is deeper meaning found in each and their respective observances. 

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Mar 31, 2023

This week we are going to learn about the purpose of the laws and regulations found in Leviticus. God took a people out of Egypt who knew next to nothing about Him—nor how to approach Him—and began to lovingly reveal Himself to them. We can learn so much from some of the smallest of details in this book.