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Out of Zion with Susan Michael

Nov 3, 2020

Many people have questions about the Old Testament and this episode will answer a number of them. The key to how Christians should approach the Old Testament is to view it through the eyes of Jesus and Paul. It was their Bible and respected as authoritative. For us today, reading the Old Testament is a cross-cultural experience. That challenge makes it all the more interesting.


Series Summary: Join Susan Michael for the 3D Bible Series and take a journey to the world of the Bible—where it comes alive and can change your life. We live in an increasingly secular society that questions everything about the Christian faith. Learn how to find the answers you are looking for about the authenticity of the Bible, the amazing story it tells, and what it means for you. 


Show Links: 

- Bible Timeline Document:

- The Great Covenants of the Bible by Rev. Malcolm Hedding:

- It Must be Finished: Understanding the Return of Jesus by Samuel Whitefield:   

- A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament: One Book, One God, One Story:

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